Where Legends Rise

In this coliseum, we will see who can ascend to the top.

Inspiring athletes to compete in a new arena, designed to test the best of their abilities.

The challenge: Vigilant was charged with creating a brand to promote the new state-of-the-art Virginia Beach Sports Center, which will be among the most advanced indoor sports facilities in the nation. Sports marketing trends are well established, with new venue launches often solely focused on the building. We were asked to disrupt the industry norm and also promote Virginia Beach as a destination whose broad appeal can be leveraged by Sports Event Planners to drive attendance and success.

The path we took: As campaign development began, the building had not yet been constructed,  forcing us to come up with a visual identity powerful and flexible enough to meet our clients’ varied requests on its own merits.

Exploring the mindset of elite athletes led us to an important insight: those who compete at the Sports Center will have already achieved some level of greatness. They didn’t train to make this journey easy. They trained to be able to overcome any obstacle that comes in their path. The adversity they will encounter will rise and fall just like the waves crashing down on the shores of our coast. By taking on the strongest, fastest and sometimes the unimaginable, they become legends in their own right – along with the event planners who make their moments of glory possible. From this vision of athletes and planners, the “Where Legends Rise” campaign was born.

We developed visual concepts to illustrate this sense of achievement within the context of Virginia Beach experiences, allowing us to emphasize the Sports Center’s unique status as a world-class sports facility in a world-class beach setting. The campaign consisted of branded imagery and copy that was used in print ad placements, collateral and a website.