Tourism Works

See how a city comes together to share its love with the world.

Shining a light on the value of community.

The challenge: The City of Virginia Beach sought to develop a locally-focused campaign to help connect the dots and ease the relationship between the people who live there and those who promote it as a destination. The goal was to inform locals about the benefits afforded by tourism and how it helps the community. Vigilant was tasked with framing the conversation with the target audience in a sensitive and impactful way.

The path we took: When tasked with changing hearts and minds, facts and figures often seem the only way to get a point across. But even when numbers tell a story, they often do little to connect at a deeper level with an audience – especially if you only have a short time to get their attention.

We worked from the insight that Virginia Beach thrives as a destination because of its supportive community. Local pride is high in Virginia Beach, a city that is homegrown in many ways, with residents who are excited to share its riches with the world – and take ownership in its success.

Vigilant created a message of appreciation rather than justification, filming and editing a TV spot to air locally. Rather than focus on dollar figures, we encouraged Virginia Beach to thank the community for all they do to make tourism a success. The spot features local businesses and individuals who have helped make the city a unique, thriving tourism destination – and home to our target audience.

Many of the participants are recognized in the community and were able to share the video through social media outlets, boosting its reach. Along with the TV spot, a series of display ads were also created to drive users to the City’s website, which does offer facts and figures about the value of tourism in the area and its positive impact on the community.