BeerWerks Trail

Finding what’s on tap in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

When nature calls, beer is the answer.

The challenge: Following an economy-boosting boom in craft breweries, six counties along the Blue Ridge Parkway partnered to develop the Shenandoah BeerWerks Trail. Leading visitors to destination hotels, dining, attractions and outdoor activities – all by way of the region’s craft beer scene – the partnership challenged us to create humorous videos in a timeframe that was no joke. We had only three weeks to make it happen before the leaves changed.

The path we took: Inspired by the style of Wes Anderson, Vigilant helped create an original concept aimed at both baby boomers and millennials. Crafting scenes that feel nostalgic while tapping into a modern sense of humor, we showed the region’s appeal through very funny :30 spots for social channels. By capturing the area’s sense of adventure and making the Beerwerks Trail feel accessible, the result helps travelers of every generation see themselves joining the fun.